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SciData is a data model for scientific data (JSON-LD implementation shown below right) that provides a ontologically defined framework for organizing both the data and metadata from scientific experiments, calculations, and theories. Data from any science discipline can be contained in the framework using existing semantic definition of data elements (via ontologies) Open science, open data, open code, open concept - it's all about the data!

SciData JSON-LD Context Documents

Importing context documents in JSON-LD files allows their use in multiple documents. This is the same way that XML (and JSON) schema work except the context is not defining rules of what the content of the JSON values can be, rather the assignment of semantic meaning to the values. A list of example files is here and includes data from PubChem, the Dortmund Data Bank (DDB), and a Crystallography Information Framework (CIF) file.

The content of this site was updated in Dec. 2022 to better reflect the current status of the SciData Framework specification. In the examples of Aspects and Facets below the prefix 'crg' (Chalk Research Group) has been used to better represent that these examples are not part of the SciData specification, rather examples of a user (or user community) defining the metadata elements needed for their research data.

Also, the Data Portal link above has been added where we will be adding open datasets. Finally, if you have any feedback please consider adding it as an issue on the GitHub repo.

Example JSON-LD Contexts for 'Aspects' of Methodology

Example JSON-LD Contexts for 'Facets' of the System

  • For Computational Data

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